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New revolutionary product to maximise lash retention, works with ANY adhesive. 

How Does it work?

Superbonder adds elasticity to the adhesive; the additional flexibility ensures the bonds don't break as easily, therefore resulting in better retention.

Superbonder instantly polymerises the glue, without shock curing! It locks in the fumes from the adhesive and with the fumes contained, irritation and sensitivity are significantly reduced!

Additionally, because the bonds have been sealed, the lashes therefore are instantly safe to get wet. Yourself and your clients will no longer have to worry about the rain, having a shower or going to the gym!

How to use Superbonder?

  1. Once you have completed the treatment, wait 2 minutes.
  2. Squeeze 1 small drop of Superbonder onto a microfibre brush and apply to the adhesive bonding point.
  3. Allow to air dry and the lashes are safe to get wet just 3 mins later!

Product details:

  • Reduces irritation and sensitivity.
  • Maximises retention.
  • Seals the adhesive – WITHOUT shock curing.
  • Your client can get their lashes wet 3 minutes after treatment.
  • Works with ANY adhesive.
  • Cost effective – 1 bottle will last you for 150 – 200 clients!

Capacity: 10ml

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